By Gabriel Mukobi

Find some of the desktop software developed by Sticks and Stones Software here. I build for desktop using such technologies as Java, Python, C++, C#, .NET, and XNA.

Portfolio Generator

I got really tired of having to manually update my statically-hosted software portfolio, so I decided to be a real programmer and write a tool to automate it. Gone are the days of manually adding redundant HTML, customizing it for new projects, and then getting frustrated when I want to reorder things or change a similar detail across multiple pages.

Instead, for any of my portfolio sites (including the one you're looking at now), a Python script reads meta files for each page or project, compiles them using Jinja2 templates, and copies over all other source files like images, JS, or CSS. The compiled HTML and copied files are neatly placed together, responsive CSS makes everything dynamically fit together well, and I can freely and efficiently share my work on a static host.

PSU Pozyx

I built this configuration, data collection, and visualization software suite while interning at Ralf Widenhorn's physics lab at Portland State University. For this project, I developed, implemented, and tested software to interface with Pozyx, a high accuracy localized positioning system.

We then tested and applied this software as a learning tool for hands-on college-level physics courses, as an advanced position and motion data collection device for professional athletes, and as a solution for other high precision localized positioning applications.