Some of the websites and web apps that I've developed using technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Flask, Bootstrap, and Wordpress.

Photography Portfolio

A minimalistic photography portfolio. Unlike most other grid-based photography gallery websites (e.g. Google Photos or 500px) which use JavaScript to calculate the width and height of each photo based on the screen size (slow and ugly), uses no JavaScript and is entirely build on CSS3's flexbox API (fast and sexy)!


PieWallet is a hybrid cryptocurrency wallet and social media web app built in PHP and JavaScript as a freelance project (imagine crypto+Venmo). Building PieWallet required significant knowledge in social networks, API design and public API calls, and blockchain and cryptocurrency.

JavaScript Calculator

A fully-functioning four-function caluculator built as a small JavaScript coding challenge. Fortunately, not all of JavaScript's troublesome floating point calculation errors are present in this app due to some clever scripting.

Twitch Stream Displayer

This Twitch stream displayer allows you to see the status of several popular channels on Twich, an online streaming service. Check out who is streaming, find desciptions of what they are streaming, a click the banners to go to the streams.

The online portfolio for Gabriel Mukobi: a digital creator who is passionate about virtual reality, games, AI, film, music, 3D art, and photography.

On this site, you can find more about Gabe as a person, read or download his resume, find a portfolio of his different projects, view a curriculum vitae, and contact Gabe.

Random Quote Generator

This is a simple but fun app that generates a random quote using the quote API. It's very useful for getting some random inspiration, a funny idea, or just something unique said by someone important.

Mukobi Music

A website for anything musical regarding Gabriel Mukobi. Gabe plays French horn, guitar, trumpet, bass, and keyboard, and he is always trying to learn new things. He has played in several of the Camas High School bands as well as the rock band Simply 8, and currently he is writing, recording, and producing a solo album.

On this website, you can find information about Gabe's music, his career and groups he's played with, lessons with Gabe, and more.

A website for the nonprofit Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization (KWCAO). The Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization is a non-profit making project established in 2002 to create Wildlife Conservation Awareness among school children and communities who live near Queen Elizabeth and Rwenzori National Parks in Western Uganda. Since its inception over 500 schools have been given wildlife presentations and materials that have helped in the conservation efforts of precious and endangered fauna and flora.

Wikipedia Viewer

Allows you to go to a random Wikipedia article, search for an article on Wikipedia, and explore your search results all in a Wikipedia themed tool.


Formerly located at, this website is the official website for the band Simply 8, a rock band from Camas, Washington.

Approximately 92% of all popular music contains profanity in the lyrics and meaning. Simply 8 members Rachel Higgins, Gabe Mukobi, Soroush Badiei, Zephry Lyne, and Hayden Kane want to write meaningful, pure music in order to be in that 8%. We believe it is this that makes us fresh, interesting, and most importantly, different.

Weather App

A simple app that uses geolocation and a weather API to display your current location, the temperature, and the current type of weather with a corresponding image.

Film Portfolio

A minimalistic film portfolio to highlight short films, video essays, and other motion picture works I've made.

Nuclear Family Feud

Juniors in Mr. Tomasetti's AP US History class at Camas High School are required to create a research project on a decade of US history and creatively present to the rest of the class. This is a Family Fued styled game that I used to present my decades project on the 1940s.


A prototype user interface for an interactive web app for PayPeer, a company that enables easy exchanging and sending of cryptocurrencies.

This site was built as a front-end interface as part of a freelance-job. The successor to Paypeer is PieWallet which is an actually functioning cryptocurrency wallet and social network.

This was the official website for the Camas High School chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS). NHS challenges its members to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service. In the Camas chapter, members are frequently involved in helping out at such events as blood drives, the Lost and Found Cafe, the sock drive, tutoring, several charity-oriented senior projects, and more.

Gabriel Mukobi Software

Gabriel Mukobi (the website that you are currently viewing) is the site for Gabriel Mukobi Software, a software development company founded and operated by Gabriel Mukobi that develops games, websites, desktop solutions, and mobile applications. As its name implies, Gabriel Mukobi is committed to creating simple yet effective software solutions to interesting problems.