Web Apps

Sticks and Stones Software

Here are some of the many web apps developed by Sticks and Stones Software. A majority of these web apps are various scripting challenges built in vanilla JavaScript, but there are a variety of different APIs, plugins, and other technologies in use here, too.


A prototype user interface for an interactive web app for PayPeer, a company that enables easy exchanging and sending of cryptocurrencies. This site was built as a front-end interface as part of a freelance-job.

JavaScript Calculator

A fully-functioning four-function caluculator built as a small JavaScript coding challenge.

Twitch Stream Displayer

This Twitch stream displayer allows you to see the status of several popular channels on Twich, an online streaming service. Check out who is streaming, find desciptions of what they are streaming, a click the banners to go to the streams.


A recreation of the classic game built entirely through JavaScript with the HTML5 canvas.

Wikipedia Viewer

Allows you to go to a random Wikipedia article, search for an article on Wikipedia, and explore your search results all in a Wikipedia themed tool.

Weather App

A simple app that uses geolocation and a weather API to display your current location, the temperature, and the current type of weather with a corresponding image.

Random Quote Generator

This is a simple app that generates a random quote using the quotesondesign.com quote API. It's very useful for getting some random inspiration, a funny idea, or just something unique said by someone important.

Nuclear Family Fued

Juniors in Mr. Tomasetti's AP US History class at Camas High School are required to create a research on a decade of US history and creatively present to the rest of the class. This is a Family Fued styled game that Gabriel Mukobi used to present his decades project on the 1940s.